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I hadn't really seen much of Tilly since my daughter left for school. I would occasionally see her in her yard when I was out with the horses, and we would exchange waves and hellos, but I guess she didn't feel comfortable coming over without my daughter around. With hunting season approaching, I decided to move my deer stand from the woods to a tree on the back of the horse pasture. There had been an overabundance of deer the past few years and I had been noticing them hanging out in the horse pasture a lot lately.

She seemed genuinely happy that she could be around the horses again. In fact, she came over not 30 minutes later, while I was still in the barn messing around. She went to both stalls and talked to each of the horses while she stroked them with her hand. It was a sweet site to watch, especially since she was wearing a pair of tight blue-jean shorts and a bare midriff crop top.

I watched her tight little butt as it passed right in front of my face and tried not to moan. She looked down at me smiling as she thanked me and I once again imagined her looking down at me . . . as she rocked against my cock. She started off in a slow walk away from me, and her ass gently bounced up and down on the horse's back, making me wish I was that horse.


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